• WASD movement
  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot primary attack.  
    • Slows enemies, but does low damage CONSUMES HP. If you have 1 HP, this becomes a weak tackle.
  • Hold Left+Right Mouse Button: Copy enemy ability.
    •  Replaces Right Mouse Button (Secondary Attack) with enemy attack. If the attack is Ranged it will CONSUME HP.
  •  Right Mouse Button: Secondary Attack.
    • Empty by default until enemy attack is copied

Important Stuff To Know:

  • PICK UP DROPPED SLIME: Ranged attacks consume HP, but you can get that HP back by picking up the chunks of slime left from where the projectile landed. However, you cannot recover HP lost from taking damage.
  • PICK UP MEATS: Picking up meats from defeated enemies or from around the cave will fill up your MEATer and give you back some HP. Maxing out your MEATer grants you more max HP.
  • RANGED ATTACKS INFLICT AILMENTS: There are two ailments, slow and burn figure out which attack inflicts which ailment (Hint: man, fire sure is hot).


Fight your way through this randomly generated map using your slime skills to fight the big ol' burly bear. Be the best slime you can be.


I really appreciate you giving this game a shot. I've been working on it with a friend in our free time since a game jam in January 2018. There is SO MUCH MORE I wanted to add to this game (more levels, enemies, progressive items, in-game instructions, sounds), but I'm not gonna have a lot of free time soon as I have other projects to work on, but I wanted to at least get this published somewhere for people to give me feedback on.

EDIT: Hey, I've got some more time now! :)


Jason Wu (a LOT), 

Josh Silva, 

Bryan Nguyen, 

and Pojui Chen

Development log

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